Glucosamine For Dogs

Glucosamine For Dogs

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Glucosamine is a naturally occurring compound and one of the most popular forms of over the counter arthritis therapies. The compound is also used to ameliorate pain caused by hip dysplasia, help treat a spinal disc injury, help with joint surgery recovery, as well as keep performance dogs in their best shape and condition.

Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM:

Glucosamine supplements boost the repair of damaged cartilage, alleviating the symptoms of joint damage.

Glucosamine is usually derived from oysters, crab shells, and shrimps. It can also be synthesized in laboratories from plants.

As your dog ages, the body’s natural production of glucosamine slows down, and as a result, the body’s natural repair process also slows down. This eventually leads to joint deterioration and arthritis. Research has found that giving dogs glucosamine supplements can help to rebuild cartilage, restoring your dog’s joint functions.

Glucosamine is a natural substance and is not known for having any side effects. It also has great anti-inflammatory properties, which work to alleviate pain. Glucosamine naturally and effectively restores joint health, increasing your dog’s mobility and increasing joint lubrication.

Glucosamine is often used alongside chondroitin, which is another substance that is naturally found in your dog’s cartilage. The two substances are especially effective at improving joint health when paired together. Chondroitin helps your dog’s cartilage retain water, improving joint lubrication and diminishing wear and tear of joints. Chondroitin is usually isolated from shark or cow cartilage.

Methylsulphynolmethane (MSM) is also found in this incredible supplement. It is a natural Sulphur compound that helps to reduce pain and inflammation while also improving joint flexibility. MSM is also a naturally occurring chemical compound, but its levels decrease in the body as the dog ages, resulting in skin problems and joint pain. By supplementing MSM in your dog’s diet, you will be protecting the dog’s cartilage from deterioration and reduction any osteoarthritis-related pain your dog may be suffering from.

Preventing Joint Problems In Your Dog

Keeping your dog exercised and making sure they are being fed a quality diet are great ways to prevent hip and joint conditions. Encouraging exercises such as swimming, which adds no stress to joints, is probably the most beneficial.

Another great recommendation is to add supplements, such as Coco and Luna’s natural and effective Hip and Joint Treats, to your dog’s diet. This can prevent the wearing down and inflammation of joints, while also boosting joint lubrication, cartilage regeneration, and overall quality of life.

If you are purchasing a breed dog, keep in mind that hip dysplasia is vastly determined through genes, and so asking about the health of not only the parents of the pup but also the grandparents is important.

Diagnosis and Treatment:

After you notice your pet is exhibiting symptoms of hip and joint pain, such as limping or lack of activity, it is important that he be taken to a veterinarian. There, the vet will likely do an x-ray to determine the condition of your pet’s joints

Treatments for joint and hip pain depends on the severity of your dog’s pain.

In some cases, prescribing a pet with pain relief medications that also decrease inflammation is enough to give the pet a great quality of life! At home, massages and warm compresses can give dogs with hip and joint pain a great deal of relief. Exercise should be kept relatively light while the dog is experiencing any discomfort, though water therapy is a fantastic option as it places no extra stress on joints.

Your veterinarian may also recommend adding supplements to your dog’s diet, particularly those with glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, and Vitamin C, as they will aid in joint lubrication and rebuilding of cartilage.

In cases of extreme joint malformity where no less invasive forms of treatment have been effective, a veterinarian may resort to surgery.

Hip and joint conditions can be very serious and truly impact your pet’s quality of life. That is why Coco and Luna has worked so hard to create the ultimate supplement to promote cartilage health, reduce arthritis pain, help restore joint health, increase mobility, and improve overall joint lubrication. Our revolutionary formula is made from natural, fresh ingredients, guaranteeing you and your pet nothing but the highest quality.

Our delicious treats also have anti-inflammatory properties, helping to ameliorate the condition of pets’ joints and to alleviate their pain. Our chewable tablet is safe because it is natural. It helps to support joint health and reduces any pain or discomfort your pet may be experiencing due to any joint maladies. This product is also an antioxidant and cell rejuvenator. It contains sulfur, which is necessary for the production of collagen. Get your dog off of drugs and medications.

Our main active ingredients are glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM, which all work together to facilitate the absorption of nutrients into the cartilage, simulating cartilage synthesis. These natural and healthy compounds also increase joint lubrication, which increases joint mobility, making it so your loved furry one has less trouble moving around, playing, and leading a healthy, happy life!

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