Probiotics for Dogs - 90 Soft Chews

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  • Probiotic for Dogs- Coco and Luna Probiotics and Enzymes chewable tablets support healthy digestion, boosts the immune system and aids in nutrient absorption.
  • Aids Digestion - Our dog probiotic chews contains digestive enzymes which promote a healthy stomach and assists in leveling the microflora of your dog’s intestinal tract.
  • Immune System Surpport - A significant portion of a dog's immune system resides in the gut. When the environment in the gut is balanced and healthy, it positively influences the immune system's response to pathogens. Probiotics contribute to this balance.
  • Veterinarian Formulated - Our supplements are veterinarian formulated and are free from harmful ingredients like Palm Oil, Corn, Soy Derivatives, Synthetic Colors, or Artificial Flavors, prioritizing your pet's well-being.
  • Made in the USA from US and Globally Sourced Ingredients - All of our supplement products are manufactured in the USA in FDA-registered facilities that are NSF and GMP-certified in the USA.

Administer daily amount orally.

Up to 25 lbs - 01 Soft Chew

25-50 lbs - 02 Soft Chews

51-74 lbs - 03 Soft Chews

Over 75lbs - 04 Soft Chews

For better absorption, we recommend splitting the dose between AM and PM.

Experience Coco and Luna supplements
with complete peace of mind, thanks to our satisfaction guarantee or your money back. No gimmicks – if you're not satisfied within 30 days, simply return the product, and we'll fully refund your purchase. Enjoy the benefits risk-free, as your satisfaction is our priority.

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Palm Oil Free Soft Chews

Coco and Luna
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Offers comprehensive digestive care from the breaking down of fats. Contains enzymes that support digestive health, helping control discomfort from disorders.


Contains enzymes that can promote a healthy digestive system in dogs. It may help soothe stomach upsets and support overall digestive function.


Supports gut health by promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria.


This nutritional component fosters the growth of beneficial bacteria, improving digestion, and fortifying your loyal friend's digestive system.

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Our entire Soft Chews line is formulated exclusively with Cold Extruded technology, an innovative production method carried out at lower temperatures. This approach fully preserves the nutritional properties of ingredients, protecting heat-sensitive nutrients such as vitamins and enzymes compared to traditional techniques.

This choice not only guarantees the effectiveness of the supplement but also offers an advanced and comprehensive option for those who truly care about the well-being and quality of the products they offer their furry friends.

Coco and Luna


Coco and Luna


Coco and Luna


Customer Reviews

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Amazon Customer
Super bueno y eficaz

Probiticos & enzimas de Vita Pet LIFE es un gran producto. Desde que mi perro ha estado tomando este producto, su aliento huele mejor y sus movimientos intestinales son ms regulares y consistentes. El hecho de que tienen sabor es maravilloso: simplemente los puse con su comida y l los ama, sin problemas. Otra gran cosa es que el precio de este producto es muy competente con otros de calidad similar. Recomiendo encarecidamente este producto para su perro.

Hugo Perez

Este producto est muy bien para mis perritos

Kathryn Frey
Great Probiotic!

This is a wonderful combination of probiotics and enzymes. My cats will eat it straight out of the canister. You can mix it with food. Has a scoop for easy measuring. I use this for fosters and former ferals with digestive issues, and always keep some on hand.

jim d.
Grea Value

Great Value


Great for my dog

Frequently Asked Questions

Coco and Luna Probiotics was formulated by veterinarians who dedicated themselves to studying the most excellent formulations, based on natural ingredients, that are currently available on the market. The result of this meticulous work is the current formula that effectively and surely promotes the health and well-being of your beloved pet.

Yes, dogs of any age can benefit.

Yes, but you need to know that our products are so complete that they alone may contain everything your dog needs.

Use is daily, but the recommended dosage depends on your pet's weight. On our product label you can find the best suggested use for your pet.

No. Our formulas are delicious, but the amount provided does not have enough extra calories to make your dog fat. What can happen is that he becomes healthier, stronger and more active, and consequently becomes hungrier. In this case, you just need to control the amount of food provided to him.

Supplements have no contraindication for females during this period, but it is always important to count on the help of your veterinarian to make this decision!


Prevention and care are the most beautiful forms of love.

Probiotics and Enzymes for Dogs - 120 Chewable Tablets - Coco and Luna