Mobility Booster + Overall Health - 3 Pack (360 Chewable Tablets)

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  • Health Support - Coco and Luna Turmeric supplement contains Curcumin which is an antioxidant that supports joint, hepatic, gastrointestinal and cardiovascular health.
  • Premium Joint Supplement - Coco and Luna Hip and Joint supplement promotes joint health and joint lubrication while also diminishing arthritis pain through its anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Powerful Formula - Our tablets contain Chondroitin which facilitates the absorption of nutrients which promotes cartilage synthesis, while also being an antioxidant and cell rejuvenator.
  • Digestive and Immune System - Containing enzymes, Niacin, and probiotics that support your dog’s digestive health as well as having vitamins A, C, and E to elevate their immune system.
  • Liver and Kidney - Coco and Luna 10 in 1 Multivitamin contains Milk Thistle that banishes harmful toxins that accumulate in your pet’s liver and kidneys.

Administer daily amount orally.

1 - 25 LBS - 01 Tablet

26 - 50 LBS - 02 Tablets

51- 74 LBS - 03 Tablets

> 75 LBS - 04 Tablets

For better absorption, we recommend splitting the dose between AM and PM.

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Coco and Luna


Coco and Luna

Transform the life of your loyal friend!

Free him from allergies and provide a daily life full of joy and itch-free.

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Eases inflammation which helps relieve your pet's occasional stiffness all while helping to restore joint health naturally and promoting mobility. 


Supports joint, cartilage and connective tissue to sustain an active lifestyle for dogs.


Dogs need manganese to produce energy, metabolize protein and carbohydrates, and to make fatty acids.


Helps with inflammation and occasional stiffness and soreness, scavenging free radicals that damage cartilage.

Customer Reviews

Based on 258 reviews
Linda Nicholson
Made a huge difference in my dog's mobility

I started using this product for my 7 year old mix breed. He has always been very athletic and loves to play frisbee with my husband everyday. He has long but very thin legs and jumps as high as he can to catch the disc. Lately we noticed that he was starting to limp. His back left leg seemed to be bothering him. My friend told me about Tumeric so I decided to try it. After taking this for a couple of weeks the limping stopped and he hasn't had a problem with his leg since. I throw a pill in his food twice a day and he doesn't even know it's there. Very happy with this product.

Norval O.
Yummy for my dogs tummy!!

Great size for a treat will be our got her products from this company.. great value!


WOW! I am amazed at how well this worked! My dog is about 60lbs/13 yrs old and had been having problem with his back leg. I was worried sick about his mobility. After reading the reviews I figured it wouldn’t hurt to give this a try as it’s a fair price. It’s helped him 10000%! He is moving around and playing with his younger brother again! So thankful to have found this and for the improvement it has made for him! The only downside is he will not eat it as a “treat”, I have to shove it down his throat everyday.

Francesca Lipinski
They are working out so far!

Smelly but my dogs like it:) I purchased last week and started giving one to my little dog (17lbs) and 4 to my big dog (80lbs) as they are both 14 years old and the larger one has started to develop a few fatty tumors. The first few times I crushed them up (very easy to do this with the back of a spoon) and mixed with peanut butter or put in with their food and they loved it. I actually just put the whole pill in there today and the little one wouldn't touch it but the big guy ate all of his! They are easily chewable and easily crushable for picky dogs. We'll see if I notice any health benefits!

paul silveira
does it work

This product really works with my 50 lb dog...within days her limp had improved>>>>consistent use and the limp was gone>>>

Frequently Asked Questions

Coco and Luna Liver and Kidney was formulated by veterinarians who dedicated themselves to studying the most excellent formulations, based on natural ingredients, that are currently available on the market. The result of this meticulous work is the current formula that effectively and surely promotes the health and well-being of your beloved pet.

Yes, dogs of any age can benefit.

Yes, but you need to know that our products are so complete that they alone may contain everything your dog needs.

Use is daily, but the recommended dosage depends on your pet's weight. On our product label you can find the best suggested use for your pet.

No. Our formulas are delicious, but the amount provided does not have enough extra calories to make your dog fat. What can happen is that he becomes healthier, stronger and more active, and consequently becomes hungrier. In this case, you just need to control the amount of food provided to him.

Supplements have no contraindication for females during this period, but it is always important to count on the help of your veterinarian to make this decision!


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