Learning Center (FAQs)

Can my pet gain weight with the use of supplements?

No. Our formulas are delicious, but the provided amount does not contain enough extra calories to make your little dog gain weight. What may happen is that they become healthier, stronger, and more active, which might increase their appetite. In this case, you just need to control the amount of food provided.


What criteria were considered in selecting ingredients for the supplements?

Our expert veterinarians in animal nutrition studied the best formulations available in the market and the scientific discoveries of recent years to arrive at the current formula.


Are the supplements suitable for dogs of all ages?

Yes, the supplements are designed to be suitable for dogs of all ages. However, it is important to follow the dosage guidelines appropriate for the age and size of the animal.


Is it appropriate to offer human supplements to my dog, or is a specific dog supplement necessary?

No, human supplements are not recommended for dogs. They have different amounts of active ingredients than dog supplements.


How long does it take for supplements to show effects?

The time for supplements to show effects varies. Some may offer quicker results, while others may take weeks. Consistency in administration is crucial to observe the benefits.


What are the possible side effects associated with the use of dog supplements?

Your dog may be allergic or hypersensitive to some components of our formulations. This is an individual characteristic. If your dog is intolerant or allergic to any product, it is important to check the ingredients. If you are unsure whether your dog may have allergies or intolerances, you can assess by giving a small amount initially, and if any symptoms appear, discontinue use.


Is it safe to administer supplements to my pregnant dog?

Supplements have no contraindications for females during this period; on the contrary, they need supplements even more during this phase!


Are dog supplements safe for long-term use?

In general, dog supplements are safe for long-term use when administered according to the guidelines. Monitoring the animal's health and adjusting the dosage, if necessary, is advisable.


What are the available forms of presentation for the supplements?

Chewable tablets, soft and tasty.


Is it advisable to consult a veterinarian before starting to provide supplements to my dog?

It is always important to consult a veterinarian periodically. However, our supplements are formulated safely for healthy dogs or as an aid for specific treatments. Your dog will become increasingly healthy, and they will depend less on consultations for treatment as we act in health protection. If your dog has chronic or advanced health problems, consult your trusted veterinarian.


How can I determine if my dog really needs supplements?

Every little dog can benefit from our supplements as they contain active ingredients that help improve the health and well-being of your dog.


Can the use of supplements along with enriched diets overload my dog?

The use of supplements in conjunction with enriched diets generally does not overload dogs, as long as the recommended dosages are followed.