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It’s amazing! I already received it today and I gave the first dose to my dog and she liked its taste! I hope to see the results.!

Healthy cats

My cats eat it mixed in food with no complaints. Help keeps them healthy. Thank You so much.

When animals get vaccines or medications, this supplement is crucial to protect their liver and kidneys when medications are necessary. I highly recommend.


Truly helped my dog with elevated liver values.

Beyond helpful!

We have two rescue Persian cats that seem to be always stuffy and sneezing. Adding the respratory powder to their wet food has provided SO much relief for them.

Lysine for Cats - 4 oz Powder

Great product. I give it to my cats every day.

Turmeric for Dogs - 300 Chewable Tablets
W Travis
Tasty Treat with Benefits

My pet loves these, however, I will have to give it some time to see the benefits.

Lysine for cats

It seems to be working. Was delivered on time and shipping was free. I did order from Amazon to get free shipping but since Coco offers free shipping I will order direct from now on.

My cats love it!

This is the only supplement I can get my cats to take! I find it really helps them with seasonal allergies, especially this time of year.

Hip and Joint Support for Dogs - 90 Soft Chews

My dog loves the flavor and his coat is very shiny.


My dogs love their supplements! They dance every time I get them out

Silky, Shiny Coat

This was my second order of this supplement. I first ordered when my dog seemed to be scratching and shedding a lot; it didn't seem to be allergies, so I thought his skin might be too dry. Whatever it was, his skin and coat showed much improvement with no more itching after taking this product, so I have just made it part of his daily diet.


I started my dog on these supplements when he was either five or seven...he is now 14 1/3. No one can believe his age! He does have some arthritis in his back but you would never know it. He will runs, goes for long walks (one hour plus) and then runs at the end of his walks. Even the vet said he is in awesome shape for his age and I think it's because I started him on these young. I also had another pup on them and we started when she was adopted at 3-4 years of age. She had terrible arthritis in her spine but she trouped it out to about 15.5. good food and good supplements are the key!

Really Works

She used to get uti's often. Now it is very rare, and would go away.

Cats love it! Fast shipping!

Cats love it and it helps prevent respiratory problems. I add 1 scoop per day to moist food (1 can fancy feast)

Dogs love it

The liver & bacon flavor out does all the competitors. Some try chicken flavor. That's a fail. Keep your prices reasonable ss well. I give this plus SAME powder as directed for Baby's liver.

My dog loves these!

My dog gets his after he eats and goes out in the morning. He comes in and sits till I give them to him. To him they're "treats" and his coat looks amazing!

We've tried many different things to help my 15 year old, 6 lb. toy poodle Rusty, with his nighttime anxiety. His eyesight is not very good, neither is his hearing. He can't settle down, will pace the floor, acting tense and very nervous. The vet diagnosed him with "Sundowners" or "Doggie Dementia". We tried a couple different prescriptions for him. Nothing helped, some actually made him worse. Stopped these immediately! I've read about so many different kinds of anxiety products for dogs. Tried...

Arrived in a timely manner and is just what I wanted for our dog.

The tobby loved it, I think I got it right this time..

My dog is everything to me, when he's happy I am too. He loved it 💯