Calming Chews for Dogs - 90 Soft Chews

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  • Gerenciar o estresse  - Coco e Luna Calming Treats usa os melhores ingredientes naturais para ajudar a controlar comportamentos estressantes ou nervosos, como latir, coçar ou mastigar.
  • Ingredientes Naturais e Orgânicos  - Nossas guloseimas Calming Chews contêm L-Triptofano, Camomila, Flor de Maracujá Orgânica, Melatonina, Ashwagandha e Raiz de Valeriana que promovem uma sensação de relaxamento e ajudam a controlar o estresse.
  • Ajuda com o nervosismo situacional  - Seja o medo da separação ou uma tempestade, nossas guloseimas naturais e deliciosas ajudam seu cão a ficar confortável e calmo em qualquer situação.
  • Formulado Veterinário  - Nossos suplementos são formulados por veterinários e não contêm ingredientes nocivos como óleo de palma, milho, derivados de soja, cores sintéticas ou sabores artificiais, priorizando o bem-estar do seu animal de estimação.
  • Fabricado nos EUA a partir de ingredientes de origem global e dos EUA  - Todos os nossos produtos de suplementos são fabricados nos EUA em instalações registradas pela FDA que são certificadas pela NSF e GMP nos EUA.

Administer daily amount orally.

Up to 25 lbs - 01 Soft Chew

25-50 lbs - 02 Soft Chews

51-74 lbs - 03 Soft Chews

Over 75lbs - 04 Soft Chews

For better absorption, we recommend splitting the dose between AM and PM.

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Palm Oil Free Soft Chews

Coco and Luna
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An antispasmodic that helps ease inflammation along the intestinal tract and soothes nerves and muscles. 


Has adaptogenic properties, which means it helps the body adapt to and manage stress. It may help reduce stress, promote relaxation, and support calmness in dogs.


Protects the nervous system, calms nervousness and stress, and can help with neurodegenerative conditions.


Has calming effects on the nervous system and may help reduce stress in dogs. Helps to manage situational stress caused by fireworks, traveling, separation, or thunderstorms.

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Our entire Soft Chews line is formulated exclusively with Cold Extruded technology, an innovative production method carried out at lower temperatures. This approach fully preserves the nutritional properties of ingredients, protecting heat-sensitive nutrients such as vitamins and enzymes compared to traditional techniques.

This choice not only guarantees the effectiveness of the supplement but also offers an advanced and comprehensive option for those who truly care about the well-being and quality of the products they offer their furry friends.

Coco and Luna


Coco and Luna


Coco and Luna


Customer Reviews

Based on 501 reviews
Wendy Armstrong

We've tried many different things to help my 15 year old, 6 lb. toy poodle Rusty, with his nighttime anxiety. His eyesight is not very good, neither is his hearing. He can't settle down, will pace the floor, acting tense and very nervous. The vet diagnosed him with "Sundowners" or "Doggie Dementia". We tried a couple different prescriptions for him. Nothing helped, some actually made him worse. Stopped these immediately! I've read about so many different kinds of anxiety products for dogs. Tried...

Mystery Junkie

As a calming product for my dog, these work well. Better than CBD product I was using.

Alex H.
Siberian puppy loves these

We gives these to our 8mo. old Siberian before bed. He sleeps through the night now.

Fernisha Spann
It Works

no coomrnt

Amazon Customer
I would recommend these for thunderstorm/firework fearful dogs

I purchased these in anticipation of the Fourth of July firework show my neighbors put on every year. They worked very well for our most anxious dog, but didn’t really work at all for one of our others. The dog it didn’t work for is a lot younger and wilder overall and isn’t “scared” so much as “reactive” (barking, running around, etc), so I’m not sure if that had anything to do with it. Also, not sure why all the complaints about the smell… it’s a beef and liver flavored dog treat, lol. Why would anyone think that should smell good?!? At any rate, we’ll purchase again and I would recommend this product for thunderstorm/firework fearful dogs!

Frequently Asked Questions

Coco and Luna Calming Chews was formulated by veterinarians who dedicated themselves to studying the most excellent formulations, based on natural ingredients, that are currently available on the market. The result of this meticulous work is the current formula that effectively and surely promotes the health and well-being of your beloved pet.

Yes, dogs of any age can benefit.

Yes, but you need to know that our products are so complete that they alone may contain everything your dog needs.

Use is daily, but the recommended dosage depends on your pet's weight. On our product label you can find the best suggested use for your pet.

No. Our formulas are delicious, but the amount provided does not have enough extra calories to make your dog fat. What can happen is that he becomes healthier, stronger and more active, and consequently becomes hungrier. In this case, you just need to control the amount of food provided to him.

Supplements have no contraindication for females during this period, but it is always important to count on the help of your veterinarian to make this decision!


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