• BYE BYE STRESS – If your dog is prone to stressful or anxious behaviors, such as barking, scratching, or chewing, Coco and Luna’s Calming Treats For Dogs may be exactly what your little one needs. Give your dog the calm and tranquility he needs to lead a happy and healthy life with our naturally calming formula.
  • NATURAL AND ORGANIC INGREDIENTS – These delicious treats contain ingredients meant to mellow out your pup’s behavior, encouraging calm and tranquility while discouraging disruptive and undesirable behaviors such as scratching, barking, and restlessness. Our Hemp Oil Infused Treats contain L-Tryptophan, Organic Ginger Root, Organic Passion Flower, and Valerian Root, all which work to make your dog as serene and relaxed as possible, leading to a happier and healthier dog.
  • HELPING WITH CHRONIC OR SITUATIONAL ANXIETY – Whether your dog is distressed by thunderstorms, or has to be put through the stress of moving, or suffers from anxiety disorders such as separation anxiety, our natural and delicious treats can help your dog to acclimate and be comfortable in any situation, making both pup and owner calmer and happier.
  • COCO AND LUNA: A BRAND YOU CAN TRUST – We understand how much your dog’s health and wellbeing means to you, so we manufacture our products in FDA-registered facilities that are NSF and GMP-certified in the USA.
  • MADE IN THE USA: All of our products are made in the USA, veterinarian approved & hypoallergenic.

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Calming Treats for Dogs - 120 Tablets

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